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Being of service to Boat-owners for 40 years, we understand that one’s boat is not only an investment…


We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide the highest quality work possible…

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Vliho Boat Yard provides the right craftsman for the job, with his own tools…

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Based on your information regarding the length of your boat, we will promptly forward to you our quote…

In 1960, Kiriakos Vagenas and Dimitris (Mitsos) Katopodis, shipwrights by profession, decided to start their own venture.
The site they chose was ideally suited, tucked away in the NW corner of Vliho bay on the island of Lefkas – Greece.
From ancient times the bay has been known as an ideal harbor.


The famous German archeologist Dorpfeld believed that it harbored the ships of Odysseus! And indeed even during heavy storms, the bay is perfectly safe. The holding is ideal and there is no swell. There could be no better location for a shipyard.


When the Ionian Islands were “discovered” in the 70s and frequented by many yachts, Kiriakos and Mitsos decided to adapt the yard’s hauling system to enable modern yachts to hauled out.

Since then the Yard has expanded.

Every year some 300 yachts … hibernate, well protected against the sometimes-severe winter storms.

Our Story

Vliho Boat Yard

Vliho Boat Yard

As we enter a new season we want to thank you very much for your continue patronage and support.
Being of service to Boat-owners for 40 years, we understand that one’s boat is not only an investment, but also a very intimate possession as well.
Allot of yacht owners would not even think of allowing another person to work on their boat.

  • Quality Work 98% 98%
  • level Of Service 96% 96%
  • Workforce Flexibility 78% 78%
  • Customer Happiness 99% 99%
  • Lost Time 12% 12%
Yacht Painting

Yacht Painting

Quality Workmanship

Vliho Boat Yard’s experienced paint crews are skilled in all aspects of the science and art of yacht painting with particular attention to surface preparation prior to “pulling the trigger.”

Skilled Engineering

Skilled Engineering

Total Workforce Flexibility

Engine & Power Generation Systems – Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating. Fuel & Filtration Systems Steering Systems – Raw & Fresh Water Systems.

Full Service Repair

Full Service Repair

Right craftsman for the job

Electrical & Battery Systems – Propellers Electronic & Navigational Systems
To stay on top of the latest technology, and recommended repair techniques our staff regularly attends training seminars.