Vliho Lefkas Location

Coming by Land

When on Lefkas island… follow the signs towards Nidri. You will reach Nidri after 17 Km, and then you will continue for 2 Km and just before you get into Vliho village you will come to a tee junction. To get to Vliho you have to turn left, but to get to our Yard you only need to backup five meters! This is were our Yard’s entrance is, you cannot really miss it, we are on the left hand side of the road, that is no surprise since the sea is on your left, and just a few meters before the tee junction. Ask for Mrs. Maria, she is a friendly lady working at the reception, and she is always willing to offer help and/or to answer your questions.

Coming by Sea

Well, first of all, have a good look at the map on this webpage. You should first get to Lefkas and then steer towards Nidri.

That should not be difficult, Nidri is really very popular and shown on all nautical maps. Then you only have to follow One Simple Instruction, it sounds like a “motto” but it is a useful hint to all skippers!

“Past the narrows, Deep inside the bay”

Ship Repair

Partial Paint

Mechanical Systems


Amazing Result